Gratitude Brings Compassion

There is a hidden link between kindness and compassion. Judgement is fuelled by the EGO. This creates a gulf of separation between ourselves and whom we are judging. Being thankful is the opposite of being judgemental. Deepak Chopra says, “You cannot be thankful and judgemental at the same time.” Imagine you are a parent to that someone whom you are feeling judgemental towards. This shift changes your attitude. The next step is to forgive. This forgiveness step helps you become more inclusive and empathic towards whomever you were feeling judgemental about. This shift changes your attitude. You gain empathy towards your common humanity. Compassion purifies the soul and when you stop judging others and then yourself, you reach a state of GRACE. When I have NO JUDGEMENT, I see everyone with kindness in my heart and then I am compassionate to myself and others.

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