Millennials Can Be Successful Leaders

According to Simon Sinek, Millennials have 4 traits that any leader would do well to emulate:
1. They are willing to speak out.
They are more likely to speak out about what’s bothering them, compared to older generations who tend to fear rocking the boat. If change is to be effected, someone must have the courage to speak the truth to those in power and Millennials are well-suited to the task. They can deliver feedback tactfully, and they can serve as valuable barometers to measure how the rest of the company is feeling.
2. They’re natural entrepreneurs.
Millennials are more likely to freelance or start their own businesses than other generations, partly because of the economy they’ve had to navigate, and partly because they are less satisfied with the status quo than previous generations.
3. They project confidence.
Millennials often feel far less confident than they appear, but they still project confidence better than most. Confidence, perceived or otherwise, is key in building relationships and influencing decision-makers.
4. They’re inclusive.
Millennials tend to be more comfortable working with people of other backgrounds, and they can help organizations become more inclusive by speaking up when they see an opportunity to change. Whether that means changing the wording of a job description or challenging the way raises and promotions are determined, Millennials can help their employers find blind spots in their practices to create a more welcoming environment for all employees.

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