7 Universal Competencies for Success In Any Role

The following article was posted in LinkedIn on May 7, 2019:
Gallup reviewed 3 decades of research and generated its simplest and most comprehensive list of competencies required to achieve success in any organization. (This post is based on my interview with Jim Harter and chapter 12 of “It’s the Manager,” by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter.
“When things get bad, and they will – strong relationships sustain teams.”
7 Universal Competencies for Success:
1. Build Relationships.
– create partnerships
– build trust
– share ideas
When things get bad, and they will, strong relationships sustain teams. Strong relationships shrink problems caused by personal agendas, office politics, and distrust.
2. Develop People.
Help others become more effective through strengths, expectations, and coaching. Choose to focus on strengths when developing people. Find ways to develop people that contribute to organizational mission. Younger people want to know how you’ll help their careers.
3. Lead Change.
Avoid the pitfalls of vague goals and vision. Many work hard, but when asked, they aren’t sure how to define success. Embrace change and set goals that align with a stated vision.
4. Inspire Others.
Encourage others through positivity, vision, confidence, challenges, and recognition.
5. Think Critically.
Gather and evaluate information that leads to smart decisions. Maintain a forward – focused approach when thinking critically. How does this information impact the next step, for example?
6. Communicate Clearly.
Share information regularly and clearly.
7. Create Accountability.
Hold yourself and your team responsible for performance.

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