Keep a Win-Win File

When I was a Guidance Counsellor, I tried to be there for all the students in the school. However, as much as I tried, there were always some parents who thought I didn’t do enough for their child.
One time, I was bombarded by many students who had some crises or another, and there was one student who kept wanting to see me every day, many times a day. I truly felt for her but couldn’t spend all my time with her. But, her mother had left a message that I must see her daughter first thing that morning.
Well, by noon that day, she had left several messages with our superintendents that I was an ineffective Guidance Counsellor and should be fired from my job. One of the superintendents came to my office and told me that he was very impressed with my work and that I needed to have a Win-Win file of all the good things people say about my work. He hugged me and thanked me for my professional work.
I have kept a Win-Win file ever since and have had to start many a new file, since the thanks and appreciation notes have never stopped. So, whenever I have a day where I feel truly like a failure, I go to these files and review what I have done that has been appreciated. These little notes of thanks help me focus on the moment and help me be mindful of the wins in my life. I suggest you do so as well!

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