Believe In Yourself

This morning, as I am reading various quotes and articles on social media, I am reminded how extremely important it is to believe in yourself! In one article, an interviewer asked an author, Stephanie Krikorian, what she had learned from her research as she wrote her book, Zen Bender.
Krikorian stated, “What surprised me most as I wrote Zen Bender, was how susceptible we are to believing in someone else’s magic wand. Strong, successful, smart women will find a book or an expert and cede power to that person, believing the fix must be radical, it must be achievable and what they are being told must be right. …We can pull a thread from what we learn and decide what it means to us as individuals. We can learn something from everything, but we should never be the house on any one thing.”
This reply reminded me of the importance of us valuing our own selves and believing in our own strengths and being aware of our own gifts that we can offer the people we encounter. Yes, we all bring something to make a difference to those we encounter! Let us believe and understand our mission and vision and, as much as we value other people’s talents and strengths, let us learn from others but also most importantly, believe in ourselves and live our mission mindfully daily!

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