How Do You Relieve Stress

After reading the interview between Stephanie Krikorian, author of Zen Bender, and Gretchen on LinkedIn, I was reminded of how important it is to know how to de stress on a regular basis. We all carry stress in our bodies, some painful and some that moves us forward.
When I was teaching full time, one of my colleagues asked me what I do for stress. I very quickly responded by telling him all about how I walk after work most days. Nature and walking in nature is powerfully distressing for me. Not only does walking give me exercise, it also puts life into perspective.
Trees especially make me feel in awe about how resilient they are. Trees face all kinds of challenging weather, and yet most survive and thrive each spring, summer, fall and winter.
Walking is a mindful experience for me. As I walk and enjoy nature around me, I also realize that what was stressing me at work or with my family and friends, is mostly out of my control. As long as I did my very best, I can peacefully enjoy my evening and start anew tomorrow.
What do you do to de stress? Think about it and leave me a comment.

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