Empower Your Students In A Connected World

Ian Jukes shared Saga Briggs’ article on LinkedIn about 50 ways how to empower students in a connected world. The following list are about 50 best practices for empowering our students:
1. Practice positive reinforcement.
2. Allow for creative expression.
3. Give students more discussion time to explore and develop their ideas.
4. Offer more engaging prompts.
5. Blogging.
6. Digital publishing.
7. Podcasting or voice thread.
8. You-Tube Channels.
9. Digital Storytelling.
10. Writing in the voice of a character.
11. Help students find their passion.
12. Recognize those who speak out by thanking them.
13. Showcase inspiring stories.
14. Support Innovation.
15. Make lessons personally relevant.
16. Let students disagree with you.
17. Encourage casual debate.
18. Reward risk-taking.
19. Give second chances.
20. Don’t dismiss fleeting interest. Encourage curiosity.
21. Welcome feedback on your teaching.
22. Be a better listener.
23. Inquire, think, reflect.
24. Challenge students to solve unique problems.
25. Promote research.
26. Brainstorm with your students.
27. Show that you don’t have all the answers.
28. Recognize progress and performance.
29. Help students elaborate and dig deeper.
30. Have patience.
31. Practice visualization techniques.
32. Help students determine what they want.
33. Build respect for one’s opinion.
34. You don’t get what you don’t ask for.
35. Get students thinking about their personal missions & check-ins.
36. Reflections on their past and who they are today.
37. Identify themselves and patterns in their own interests, passions and ideas.
38. Share triumphs and challenges.
39. Document new ides.
40. Invite each student to lead.
41. Practice empathy.
42. Talk about resilience.
43. Explore different forms of leadership.
44. Don’t force participation – inspire it.
45. Urge students to explain their view.
46. Emphasize the right to voice your opinion.
47. Teach a lesson on freedom of speech.
48. Encourage emulation.
49. Provide a platform for writing, speaking or building.
50. Expose students to radical ideas.

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