Humility – The Missing Ingredient In Leadership

Leadership is a responsibility to those you lead to be an effective, productive team. Being human and transparent can actually increase the influence and effectiveness with your team rather than detract from it. A humble leader guides, empowers and learns from their employees. It’s been my experience that people tend to cater to leaders, trying to please them for fear of disappointing them or having a negative career and/or life repercussions. As a result the employees are not being genuine, are afraid to be creative, inspired, or productive. Mike Kelly, life coach, states that humility begins with having the attitude of a servant “Serving others above yourself” is easier said than done. Nevertheless it is critically important. It does not mean that you are a “pushover” or doormat. It means that you are human and that you value people. It also means that you are open to input from others. You are in it to benefit all concerned. …
Influence is increased, productivity and results improve. Everyone involved wins, not just the leader.”
I challenge you to make a commitment to be the humble servant that empowers your team to be the best they can be whether it is as an educator, leader in business and/or a parent.

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