Leaders Communicate With People

J. C. Maxwell said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Connecting is the ability to relate to and identify with people and that increases your influence with them.
1) Connecting is all about others. If you will help people, first get what they want. Find where they are. Leaders give up the right to live for themselves and start living for others. Servanthood first.
2) Connecting requires energy. To lead is to put energy into the relationship. You must learn to understand each of those whom you lead. It is worth the price you pay so that you understand. But, it takes time and energy.
3) Connectors find the common ground. To be effective you have to go where the people are. Then when you find common ground, you lift them to higher grown. Leaders encourage, respect and value the people they lead. Everyone wants to grow, learn and feel valued and alive in their career. Once you have the common ground, challenge them to reach for higher ground.

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