Being Mindfully Patient

I practice a daily mindfulness with “Simple Habits” and cannot express sufficiently how amazingly helpful these 5 – 10 minute meditations fulfill me with peace. I am presently following several sessions on “Patience.” I always think of myself as a patient human being but realize that I am patient with others but not so much with myself. When I have a goal, a dream, a purpose of my journey, I tend to want that dream to be fulfilled NOW.
Today, on Simple Habits, the challenge was to connect with our wandering mind and pay attention to how our thoughts prevent us from being in the moment, in the place where your body and mind collaborate to help you live your life on purpose. I have learned to do the deep breathing exercise which has helped me relax and focus many a time. However, I believe “Mindfulness” is a daily practice which helps us be patient not only with others but ourselves as well. When stressful thoughts enter your mind, I challenge you to do a breathing exercise, a few of which are on my website under Teachables.
I led the “Body Scan exercise with a group of 3rd and 4th graders yesterday and it was almost miraculous to witness the difference in their peacefulness compared to when I entered the classroom. I challenge you to be mindful every day and have patience with yourself, believing that all good things happen to those who are present in the moment, patiently and mindfully.

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