Abundance Mentality

I suspect most of us have had an occasion or two when we have been rejected by a job we want or a person we like, or an idea we’ve had. Many of us have experienced a shattered self-confidence in those moments of rejection because we don’t have an abundance mentality. Michael Beckworth spoke about an abundance mentality as thinking, “Life is good. I’m surrounded by infinite opportunities.” When we believe in the law of attraction, we believe and allow the good to come out because we’re radiating it which helps it become visible. You see, when you have an abundance mindset, and you get rejected, you will say to yourself, “It’s okay,” because you tell yourself that tomorrow I will find ten other jobs or I will meet ten new people. Idris Elba challenges us to say, “I always have possibilities.” Wayne Dyer said that we must understand that there are no limits to possibilities. There’s more than enough to go around and yes, you can be successful if you believe and are open to possibilities. So, today when challenges arise, believe in the abundance mentality.

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