Are You A Warrior?

This morning in “A Minute With Maxwell,” he challenges us to think about whether we are a warrior. He says that a warrior is someone who believes in a cause, something you would die for rather than without it. To be a warrior you must be willing to stand alone when others mock you. I love the quote and picture of a dozen of eggs that are all white except for one that is golden. The quote is, “They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same.” That takes courage.
What are you willing to die for? Like me, I would imagine you would die for your children, your family. But what else are you willing to die for? I’m hoping I would dare stick up for someone who is being ridiculed, someone who is being victimized. You see, I truly believe that we are all created equal. Nobody has a right to scoff at, belittle, disrespect any other human being. Maya Angelou says, “I am human. Nothing human can be alien to me.” I believe we could very much use a few more warriors in our world.

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