Choose Your Day

You have a choice every day about what your day will be like. We are truly the only ones who are in charge of what choices we make each day. There are many theorists, researchers and philosophers who have written about this reality. I’m presently listening to and reading several such brilliant human beings such as Brene Brown, John Asaraf, Carol Dweck, Rudi Nowak, Thik Nat Hahn, The Dalai Lama, Wayne Dyer and many more from my library collection. Note the following choices we have each day to focus on our:

  • Attention
  • Thoughts
  • Positive emotions and enthusiasm
  • Where and how and what and who we will be with
  • Opportunities
  • Playing a positive game daily by learning, growing, being productive, victorious and able to rise to our highest ability
  • Dreams and actions that we take to achieve success with positive emotions.

What are you choosing each day? Make a choice each day on what each of the above focuses you will make and be tenacious in following your plan!

It’s Your Choice! So, Take It!

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