Create a Vision Board

I am very grateful for my friends and colleagues with whom I experience many insightful, fun conversations! Last night my friend Meemie Kemper and I had a most beautiful dialogue about a variety of topics. One topic in particular was about creating a vision for ourselves.

I belong to a NeuroGym Network group led by John Asaraf and am learning so very much from John and his team. One of the many valuable teachings which they have taught me is how to create a vision board and how to be mindful of our dreams and hopes daily. Placing such a vision board some place where you will see it often throughout a day is most helpful. My such place is my bathroom mirror. Seeing the pictures, reading it, and saying the words out loud, all help me live each day on purpose. Some of my pictures and dreams have already happened and others are being created and are being prepared to happen. Besides many valuable experiences, the vision board has helped me to be more patient and focused each day to live my life on purpose. Try It! You can even place dates and times that you want these dream visions to come to be successful for you. Good Luck!

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