Change is Challenging

During this time of isolation and healing, I am often grateful for my own journey and legacy. It is a time for reflection and growth. Things are not as they used to be. As is normal, we resist change. However, this pandemic means change is compulsory. It literally means reinventing yourself.

As I’m certain many folks around the world are experiencing, this pandemic is challenging us to do things differently in our lives. It means we don’t have the same standards and practices as when we could meet in person.

Needless to say, this causes us to reflect upon ourselves and reinvent ourselves. Although I have always embraced change, this challenge is making me uncomfortable. However, I am fortunate to have a wonderful partner who is with me on this journey of change. He has challenged me to write my legacy.

I love writing and reflection but this challenge has caused me to dig deep into my heart and ponder whether I am willing to be this vulnerable. My answer to challenge is often, “Let me think about this.” I am doing just that and I’ll keep you posted.

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