Absenteeism In Our Schools

Stan Baker, who is a consultant for chronic absenteeism in schools, shared his thoughts on absenteeism in schools. One student who was chronically absent didn’t come to school because his family did not have running water which meant he could not shower. The attendance Counsellor made connections with the appropriate agencies, got water hooked up and the student attended school again. Educators face many challenges today that are more complex than educators as individuals can address. What we can do as educators is to get to know:
1. Our students.
2. Adults at school who can become a caring adult and can build connections with students who are not regular attendees.
3. What’s available in your system and exhaust all the internal options first.
4. The community agencies and supports that can help.
There is a lot of support in our schools and communities that we are often not aware of, so don’t think you have to go it alone!

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