There Is No Joy Without Gratitude

This morning I watched an Oprah Super Soul Sunday interview with Brene Brown on “Joy.” Brown said the most terrifying emotion people experience is “Joy.” When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, Joy becomes foreboding. We are trying to dress rehearse tragedy so we can beat Vulnerability to the punch. Joyful people get that shudder of possible tragedy as well, but they say I’m going to practice gratitude. When they feel vulnerable, like everything is going well but something will happen to make me lose that joy, they practice their gratitude for what is good in their life right now. Gratitude is a practice. Whenever I feel vulnerable, like saying to myself I’m not good enough or that I’m so fallible, I go to my “Gratitude” mantra of being grateful for all the people, material luxuries, experiences and relationships I have. I am grateful for Oprah and Brown’s YouTube videos of inspiration and education. Wishing you a Joy filled day!

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