8 Ways Body Language Beats IQ

Dr. Travis Bradberry, coauthor of Emotional Intelligence shared an article on the importance of ‘Body Language vs IQ.’ He shares a story about Cuddy who had experienced some brain damage and was struggling with communication and a lack of confidence especially during difficult conversations, presentations, and other high-pressure, highly important moments. When she discovered that her lack of confidence was preventing her success, she decided to devote her studies to the impact body language has on your confidence, influence, and ultimately, success. Positive body language includes things like appropriate eye contact, active engagement/listening, and targeted gestures that accentuate the message you’re trying to convey. Here’s what she discovered:
1. Positive body language changes your attitude.
2. It increases testosterone.
3. It decreases cortisol.
4. It creates a powerful combination of the two that is typically seen among people of power. This creates the confidence and clarity of mind in difficult situations.
5. It makes you more likeable.
6. It conveys competence.
7. It’s a powerful tool in negotiation (even virtually), to persuade others to your way of thinking.
8. It improves your emotional intelligence.
In a nutshell, body language is based on our attitude or how we feel, however, psychologists have discovered that changing your body language changes your attitude.

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