12 Habits of Genuine People

Dr. Travis Bradberry posted the following article about the 12 Habits of Genuine People:
1. They don’t try to make people like them – some people will like them and some won’t. And you’re okay with that.
2. They don’t pass judgement- they’re open-minded, which makes them approachable and interesting to others. Approachability means access to new ideas and help.
3. They forge their own path – they know who they are and follow their own internal compass.
4. They are generous – they are unfailingly generous with their knowledge or resources.
5. They treate everyone with respect – their biggest clients or anyone else.
6. They’re NOT motivated by material things – they don’t need shiny, fancy stuff in order to be happy. Their happiness comes from within – friends, family and a sense of purpose.
7. They are trustworthy – they mean what they say and keep commitments.
8. They are thick-skinned – they’re able to objectively evaluate negative and constructive feedback, accept what works, put it into practice, and leave the rest behind without hard feelings.
9. They put away their phones – they commit and focus to the conversation. They create connection and find depth in short, everyday conversations. They ask questions and relate to other important facets of the speaker’s life.
10. They aren’t driven by ego – they don’t need the admiration of others to feel good about themselves. Likewise, they don’t seek the limelight due to their self-awareness.
11. They aren’t hypocrites – they practice what they preach. They fix their own problems.
12. They don’t brag – they’re confident in their accomplishments and when they do what truly matters, it stands on it’s own merits, regardless of how many people notice and appreciate it.

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