The 7 C’s of Effective Communication

1. Concrete – not liable to have fallen, your audience will have a clear picture of what you’re trying to tell them. With factual data, leaving no space for the audience to imagine things.
2. Coherent – logical, well-planned and sequential. There should be a connection with the main topic and the flow should be consistent.
3. Clarity – Clear Purpose of the message. Be clear in your format, goal or purpose – be short, in the active voice and state in separate billeted points.
4. Commitment – It convinces the prospects kindly. A well-committed message leaves a greater impact and increase your morale.
5. Consistency – Communicate in the least possible words, have consistency in the tone, voice and content to save time.
6. Completeness – Make sure you communicate completely that includes the need to be informed and take action.
7. Courteous – Keep it positive, respectful, honest, open and polite.

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