You Make a Difference

You are making a difference all the time. My Facebook Positive Affirmations Network friend, Andreas reminded us of that fact today in his post. I love how he reminded us that even a warm “Hello” goes a long way to make a difference to that person.
I met a gentleman on my street last week who had moved to Winnipeg from Gimli, a small town in Manitoba. He was delighted that I said “hello” to him as I was walking past his home. He told me that since he and his wife moved to our neighbourhood, very few people have stopped to say “hello” to him. We chatted quite a while until it began to thunder and lightning! I am so grateful for his reminder that I actually made a difference to him.
Andreas said he had been walking down the street when he saw a man sitting on the sidewalk talking to himself and he felt gratitude for his own health. When we see suffering, it reminds us of how fortunate we are to have mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.
Remember that no matter what you do or don’t do, you are making a difference. Make it a positive difference!

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