Why Do We Need to Be Vulnerable?

Brene Brown is one of the most amazing leaders of our time. She has a video on YouTube where she is being interviewed and is asked about what she thinks vulnerability is and why it is so important to be vulnerable.
Brown says that vulnerability is uncertainty, being at risk and emotionally exposed.
She challenged a group of soldiers to give an example of being brave that does not require vulnerability. And, they said it can’t happen. Any person who is brave has to be vulnerable.
Brown said that the world is full of people who are afraid of joy. Joy is the most necessary emotion but They’re afraid something bad will happen so they avoid joy. So many people choose to live a life of disappointment because of the fear of losing the joy.
The interviewer agreed, that for years he wanted a dog, but didn’t get one because of the fear that he will lose the dog eventually. And, he said he realized he actually did the same about people in his life, not allowing himself to get too close in case he might lose them.
Brown says there is nothing more beautiful than a skinned, broken heart. It shows that you have lived, that you have allowed yourself to be vulnerable.
So, I challenge you to live, be willing to talk about the tough things, and allow yourself to be vulnerable to the pain and skinned heart so that you can live fully in each moment.

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