5 Strategies To Help Deal With Personal Crisis At Work

Gifford Thomas posted an interesting article about how to handle a personal crisis which might affect your ability to function effectively at work. His article suggests the following steps:

1. Tell Your Employer
Most people tend to be sympathetic in these types of situations.

2. Don’t Share Too Much or Too Little
You don’t want to be a soap opera but you don’t want to be so private that people don’t have the opportunity to help you.

3. Tell Co-workers On A Need-to-know Basis
Only tell people you know well and you have a trusting relationship with. Having a support team at work is very helpful during crisis times.

4. Stay Positive And Keep Your Emotions in Check
Keep your poise and a positive attitude and act as best you can daily. Try to keep your emotions under control.

5. Say Thank You
Once the crisis has passed, don’t forget to express gratitude. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; something as simple as writing a thank you note can be a very powerful gesture.

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