Why Better is Better Than Best

Simon Sinek posted the following on LinkedIn which is most fascinating about “Why better is better than best.”
Sinek writes that to get away from a bear, you don’t have to be the fastest runner in the world, you just have to be faster than the guy behind you.
The same is true in business.
It is amazing how many businesses, big and small, like to present themselves as “the best.” At the end of the day, there is no way for any business to say they offer the best of anything – service, quality or features. There are no standard metrics and most companies have no idea who all their competitors are.
The good news is, you don’t need to be the best. You need to be better. “The best” is an impossible standard that lacks credibility. But “better” is a realistic claim and a much easier comparison to make.
The standard of “better” also keeps you on your toes. Like being chased by a bear, you always have to be one step ahead not to get eaten. Being “better” means you have to keep pushing, learning and improving because there is still room for improvement. Being the best offers only a short-term advantage.
Pushing yourself and those around you to be the best is unsustainable. Pushing yourself and those around you too be better is the only way to be the best.

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