Top 10 Leadership Qualities

This morning I read the Leadership First lesson on the top ten qualities of great leaders. I entirely agree that these are qualities I try to aspire to as a leader. He stresses the importance of continuous self-development for any leader. Leaders are students for life and we have a responsibility to lead and inspire our team by example; while developing the next generation of leaders. We must continually work to improve our emotional intelligence and know that a strong team culture is the foundation of accomplishing great things.
Consider the following 10 qualities into your leadership:

1. Honesty and Integrity
2. Confidence
3. Inspire Others
4. Commitment and Passion
5. Good Communicator
6. Decision Making Capabilities
7. Accountability
8. Delegation and Empowerment
9. Creativity and Innovation
10. Empathy

And, I’d like to add a Sense of Humor!

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