Mentors Are Valuable

Today my inspiration is about how valuable mentors are to each of us fortunate enough to have them as well as to be them.
I have had many mentors in my life who have helped me see my potential when I couldn’t see it myself. One such mentor was a leader in education who challenged me to apply for a new position when I thought I was quite content with where I was. She told me that I should apply for a position which meant leaving my comfort zone. I respected her enough to follow her suggestion and when I look back, that position helped me grow into a leader I didn’t think I could be. That position, as a behaviour consultant, helped me become the mentor I wanted to be.
Since then, I have had the pleasure of mentoring others and realized the growth of mentorship, not only for those others but for myself. Therefore, I challenge you to become a mentor and also to thank those who have mentored you.

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