The True Definition of School

Gavin McCormack sent me an article about the true definition of school. He says that “The world’s curriculums are too crowded, the expectations too high and the profession has been brought to its knees by the understanding of education from those in charge.”

I totally agree with that. Educators need to inspire, to ignite the flame of intrigue in every child. When we allow them to find their educational niche, we will finally be able to understand our students. We will understand how they learn, who they are and what their superpower is.

He stresses that skills such as empathy, love, understanding, determination and resilience will always have an important place in our lessons.

I also really love the point he makes about school being a place where mistakes are made many times a day. We must give our students chance to try new things and experiment with the unknown. School must be a place where students have the confidence to try and the resilience to fail and try again and again.

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