The Most Important Question In Any Classroom

Gavin McCormack posted the following article on LinkedIn about how to inspire students.

McCormack states that if you want your children to be engaged in every lesson you teach, there’s one question you need to add into every lesson plan you’ll ever write.
So you’re teaching your class about volcanoes. “Don’t tell them everything” is the first rule. Don’t ruin the opportunity for investigation and research.
Tell them about an amazing volcano you once climbed. Tell them the inspirational stuff, get them hooked. Show them a picture of lava, a video of an eruption. Watch their eyes bulge from their head and once you’ve got them hook, line and sinker, you can drop the question that will change it all.
It will allow them to choose their own direction, whilst still following the learning outcome you intended to teach.
And it is:
“Now you’ve heard what I like about volcanoes, what would you like to know?”
Write down their questions and tell them, “You’ve got 3 days to answer one or all of these questions. I don’t care who you work with or how you represent your research but in 3 days, I’d like you to present your findings to the rest of the group.”
Watch as time management, cooperation, communication, compromise, determination and motivation take hold and your class begin to develop key executive skills.
Try it.

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