The Importance of Gratitude

My friend Meemie Kemper sent me an inspiring video on the importance of gratitude. The photos in the video are magnificent examples of the beauty of nature all around us that we often take for granted.
A simple message I found beautiful was that the clouds in the sky are always changing and no day will have exactly the same clouds and weather.
I am very much a nature lover and whenever I go for walks, I see the beauty of nature all around me. Each day is an amazing gift of beauty if you can only notice the beauty.
I am always surprised when I pass people who are walking or running with headsets and unaware of the beauty all around them, whether it is my city or in the woods.
Each morning I do a mantra of gratitude for all the many miracles in my life. As we as a society struggle with this new social distancing, we can still appreciate and greet people as we pass each other on walks.
I am grateful for the many amazing family members and friends I have and whom I can connect with.
I am also grateful for you that you follow my website and these posts and I wish you health and happiness and hope you have a great deal to be grateful for.

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