How You Treat People Says a Lot About You

I recently read a post by Leadership First on LinkedIn about how important it is for a leader to treat his or her people with dignity. It says a lot about the leader.
If a leader does not treat the people with dignity, respect and courtesy, the company will most definitely fail.
I have personally seen leaders who believe they are all-powerful and treat their people as second class citizens. There is always a feeling of discontent and many people in the company treat each other the same way as the leader.
However, when working with leaders who show respect to their people, there is a feeling of empowerment and gratitude to be in their position of being able to add to the benefits of the company success. Let us all do our best to treat others with courtesy, respect and trust that everyone wants to make a difference by doing the best in our position.
Be safe and healthy in this present crazy time in our society.

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