Teaching to Diversity

Today a friend of mine posted a video on Facebook of an inspirational young man, Johnathan Mooney, speaking about his educational experience. He had been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD and dubbed as incapable of succeeding in life, not to mention acquiring a University degree. However, Johnathan met on educator, a priest who challenged him to prove everyone else wrong. He took the challenge and has now written two books which he has autographed and gifted to the man who told him he would not be able to succeed in Literature studies at university.
This is often the case. When someone is labeled and struggles in school, so many young people give up and end up in prison or on the streets, often drug addicted. I was one of those students who was labeled ‘Retard’ in first grade and was told, “You’ll never amount to anything!” By my 5th grade teacher who berated me daily. However, my 6th grade teacher believed in me, challenged me and stood by me when I struggled. It took that one teacher, Miss Reiner, to give me the desire and belief in myself that has helped me succeed as an educator, Counsellor and mentor to young and old.
That is what our education system needs. Let us teach to ALL students no matter how diverse the learners are! There is beauty, passion and ability in each of us! I challenge you to find those qualities in your students in the coming days and years as an educator, leader and parent!

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