Teacher Self-Assessment

Gavin McCormack posted a great teacher self-assessment tools:

1. Voice – is there noise in your classroom of voices od discussion, cooperation, collaboration, debate and problem solving?
2. Choice – can your students make decisions for themselves? Where to sit, who to work with, what to learn?
3. Reflection- Is there a designated time for reflection? How did I do today? What can I do better tomorrow?
4. Critical thinking- Can the students solve real life problems? Make it real!
5. Innovation – Students need opportunities to use their own ideas such as how they will paint their picture.
6. Self-assessment – Students should be able to regulate their own learning journey. I did well in English today and tomorrow I will do better in Math.
7. Connected Learning – Do your lessons span the curriculum? When learning about polygons, how did the Romans use polygons?

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