Signs That You Are Empathic

I love the following signs that shows someone is empathic. It comes from

1. You cry when others cry.
2. You feed off of other people’s energy.
3. You worry about what others think of you.
4. You feel everything deeply.
5. Friends often ask you for advice.
6. You have many highs and lows.
7. You pick up vibes instantly.
8. Natural healer.
9. You treat your pets like humans.
10. Social situations leave you physically drained.
11. Highly sensitive.
12. Your love is over the top.
13. Human lie detector.
14. You prefer deep conversations over small talk.
15. Overthinking everything.
16. The news is painful to watch.
18. You’re a great listener.
19. Commercials make you cry.

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