Sharing Mindfulness With Staff

Today I had the pleasure of sharing mindfulness with a group of amazing educators! I’ve been teaching mindfulness to elementary students and the students truly love each lesson. The book, Sharing Mindfulness With Children is a truly wonderful mindfulness book of activities to do to help children learn self-discipline, self-control as well as becoming mindful of their bodies and their daily experiences. At the end of the morning, I shared my Tibetan Bell as well as doing the Deep Relaxation body scan exercise. The principal did the meditation reading while the staff could choose to lie down on the carpet or remain seated any place in the library. After the session, we debriefed the experience. The comments were all positive and fascinating. One teacher mentioned how at first she struggled with the principal, being their leader reading the script but after awhile, she was able to appreciate the beauty of the leader helping her relax and meditate, thanking her body for how each part works for her to be healthy. I highly recommend this activity to all educators and parents. Note the Activity in the Teachables on this website.

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