Roadblocks to Celebrating Differences

Although there are many, three of the largest roadblocks to synergy are ignorance, cliques, and prejudice. Here they are …

  1. Ignorance – means you’re clueless. You don’t know what other people believe, how they feel, or what they’ve been through. A lot of people don’t understand disabilities, visible or invisible challenges. These people don’t seek to understand others.
  2. Cliques – are groups of friends who have a who are very exclusive. They reject everyone who is not like them. Those on the outside feel like second-class citizens, and those on the inside often suffer from superiority complexes.
  3. Prejudiced People – are groups of people who stereotype, label, or pre-judge others because of their skin colour, accent, or living on the wrong side of the tracks. Minorities of all types often have additional hurdles to leap in life because of prejudices held by so many. Prejudices are learned.

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