Paradigms of Life

Paradigms of life are about what we believe of the world in general. Ask yourself, “What is the driving force of my life?” “What do I spend my time thinking about?” “Who or what is my obsession?”

  1. Friend-Centered – Friends are important but should never become your center. Why? They may decode fickle, fake, talk behind your back, forget your friendship, have mood swings, or move.
  2. Stuff-Centred –  Our confidence needs to come from within, not without, from the quality of our hearts, not the quantity of things.
  3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Centred – These relationships are about as stable as a yo-yo.
  4. School-Centred – As thousands of teens have proved, you can do extremely well in school and still maintain a healthy balance in life. Our worth is not measured by our GPA.
  5. Parent-Centred – Your parents are very important and should be respected but centering your life on your parents and living to please them above everything else can become a real nightmare.
  6. Principle-Centred (the real thing) – e.g. honesty, service, love, hard work, respect gratitude, moderation fairness, integrity, loyalty and responsibility are principles.

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