Recognize Someone Today

David Novak posted an article on LinkedIn about how important it is to recognize others that resonated with me. He stated 3 reasons why it is important to start using the power of recognition. They are:
1. It shows people you’re watching.
Don’t you feel valued when someone notices your hard work and lets you know about it? And doesn’t it inspire you to keep working hard because you’re noticed and appreciated? You can be a leader that inspires others to keep working hard by taking the time to recognize them.
2. It validates the person doing the work.
When you recognize someone, it lets them know they matter and make a positive difference. According to oGoLead research, 59% of adults say they are more likely to be motivated by public recognition than by money? Using recognition to motivate those you lead and work with can set you apart as a leader who cares and notices.
3. It drives results.
A fundamental principle of effective recognition is that it should be linked to behaviors and values that lead to success in your organization. Look for someone who is modeling one of your organizational values or demonstrating a positive behavior that leads to success and recognize it. Be specific about what they did when you recognize them. By doing this, you are showing what’s important and it inspires others to follow their example.

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