Be Inspired Daily

This morning I feel extremely inspired! Actually, most mornings I feel inspired. I have a routine daily of reading my horoscope, blogging, doing cryptograms, reading and learning something new.
I believe I have a purpose of empowering others in whatever endeavour they are pursuing. As long as I feel like my purpose is still alive and a very big part of my thinking, feeling and doing, I know that I can make a difference to someone each day.
My inspiration today is that I will meet people who no only inspire me but also help me find a way to inspire them. Brene Brown is one person who has inspired me tremendously by her books, you-tube videos, and daily challenges on Instagram and other social media.
Another person who has inspired me daily is Maya Angelou. She has written amazing poetry and books that give me inspiration. Presently, I am reading her book, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” Totally Inspiring!

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