Practice Empathy

Today, Maxwell’s word is “Empathy.” Empathy is often mistaken for sympathy. However, as Maxwell reminds us, empathy is much more powerful than sympathy. Anyone can sympathize from any distance. To practice empathy, you have to be able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. You have to be with the person. It’s not your words that makes a difference. It’s the fact that you are beside them, sharing their pain, walking the walk, staying with them.

Since May is mental health month, it’s most important for us to understand the challenges of mental illness. I believe that this pandemic has been very hard on people who struggle with mental illness. Let’s try to be in a state of empathy and compassion for those who may be alone, struggling to survive each day.

Practice empathy. Be sensitive to the feelings of others. Walk a mile in their shoes. A kind word, a smile, an encouraging gesture may help someone who needs empathy today.

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