Personality Sets Great Employees Apart

Steve Wohlenhaus wrote an article about an International study that surveyed over 500 business leaders asking what differentiates great employees from average ones. The research was designed to identify successful qualities that served as a precursor for advancement in the workplace. Personality prevailed as the primary explanation for success! 78% of those leaders surveyed said personality sets great employees apart, compared to 40% that indicated skill as the primary reason.
Ironically, personality is misunderstood, and most leaders don’t truly appreciate that.
Note the following 10 skills that set great employees apart:
1. Flexible Mindset.
Great employees operate as part of the team. They appreciate “job descriptions” are no longer relevant and embrace flexibility. They aren’t easily intimated and don’t feel entitled. They appreciate gratification is often deferred and focus on excellent work, along with team cooperation.
2. Conflict Control.
Exceptional employees avoid conflict, but don’t avoid asserting themselves. They understand the art of getting along and appreciate how to manage challenging individuals.
3. Focus.
Great employees understand how to concentrate on things that matter most, and avoid; office politics, wasting time, and avoid things that aren’t productive. Multi-tasking is another name for distraction.
4. Common Sense.
Wise employees speak up when necessary but avoid ridiculous confrontation that prevents most people from staying focused. They think before speaking and pick their battles wisely. They refuse to let emotion regulate their response.
5. Ego Management.
Everybody has an ego. Top performers typically have larger egos, but they manage them wisely. They also admit mistakes and take direction well, assuming the objective makes sense.
6. Constant Improvement.
Great employees are never satisfied with their performance. They always strive to be better. They recognize the need for p[ersonal improvement and possess a drive that is unparalleled.
7. Fix Things.
They recognize when something is broken and fix it. A customer calls and they answer the phone. Many people prefer to “pass the proverbial buck.” Great employees seek solutions to solve problems and always take initiative.
8. Accountability.
Great employees aren’t interested in assigning blame. They own their mistakes and strive to make improvements.
9. Leadership.
Excellent employees are well liked and its authentic. They are quality individuals with strong character and exceptional leadership skills. They can be trusted, and you can de3pend on their ability to make decisions that best represent the organization.
10. Boundaries.
Exceptional employees limit their interaction with negative people and regulate their own reaction. They always employ rationality and refuse to let toxic people permeate their skin.
Education and accolades aren’t what make people exceptional at work. Individuals with high emotional intelligence and great personalities do.

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