Daring Feedback

Brene Brown posted the following checklist about “The Engaged Feedback checklist:
I know I am read to give feedback when…
_ I’m ready to sit next to you instead of across from you.
_ I’m willing to put the problem in front of us rather than between us (or sliding it toward you).
_ I’m ready to listen, ask questions, and accept that I may not fully understand the issue.
_ I recognize your strengths and how you can use them to address your challenges.
_ I can hold you accountable without shaming or blaming.
_ I am open to owning my part.
_ I can genuinely thank someone for their efforts rather than criticize them for their failings.
_ I can talk about how resolving these challenges will lead to growth and opportunity.
_ I can model the vulnerability and openness that I expect to see from you.

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