Parents Must Model Daily Reading

I most certainly agree with Gavin McCormack’s post on LinkedIn, about the importance of parents modeling quiet reading time daily.

As modern technology sweeps the globe, it is important to remember that the written form is one of the oldest form of communication.

My family reads. I attribute this to the fact that we value books and that we pretty much read daily as the kids were growing up. When the children were smaller, I read to my daughter since she was a very young baby and today she reads daily. Her genre presently is mainly plays since that is her passion, being an actor and director. Our son reads voraciously of all kinds of genres since he is a principal of a K – 8 school. I’m always amazed at his knowledge of almost any topic.

As we practice social distancing and more families are isolated in their homes, it is most important to make daily reading as part of the daily routine included with schoolwork, play time, household chores, etc. Your children will love it and you are setting up another generation of readers who will in turn model reading to whomever they encounter.

Happy Reading!

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