One Bad Day Doesn’t Make a Bad Life

John Maxwell spoke of the topic of having bad days on a Minute With Maxwell today. It made me truly contemplate on how I deal with “bad days.” We all have bad days, it’s human and it’s reality.
Scott Peck, in his book, A Road Less Travelled, states that life is difficult. It’s true but we can choose our attitude towards the bad day. Life hits us in reality, good days, bad days, losses, gains, but it’s how we see them that determines what kind of day we will have.
We all have had losses such as theft, difficult people who intrude in our lives with a negative attitude, blame, mistakes, you name it. These negative situations come at us daily.
Maxwell said, most of our bad days are about stuff, things that make us feel upset, disappointed and frustrated. We must put the bad days into perspective. There is probably someone who has it worse than you do. Bad days don’t fix themselves. It’s us who can change bad days into good days by putting them into perspective.
I am reminded by the fact that mistakes are normal. It’s what we think about mistakes and how we can learn from them that create our character, and our perspective on stuff. So, I challenge you to change your thoughts and reactions to bad days and create your own good day when stuff happens.

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