10 Phrases That Help You Communicate More Mindfully

Whether you’re a manager looking to provide more direct feedback, a leader trying to spark meaningful and productive team conversations, or an employee who wants to contribute more, the words we use are key.
Marina Khidekel posted this article on LinkedIn and I love her ideas. Try the following phrases:

1. “Let’s brainstorm.”
or “Let’s talk through …”
2. “How can I support you?”
To let people know you are invested in their success. This allows me to learn how I can best serve my teammates without making assumptions.
3. “Can I get you anything?”
Genuine consideration for others’ needs builds strong relationships in a work place.
4. “How can I say this kindly?”
When dealing with a communique that is scathing, put it aside for a few minutes before responding and ponder, “If I want to keep this valuable relationship, how can I say what I must say with kindness, as thoughtfully as possible?”
5. “The best is yet to come.”
This phrase quickly raises the level of creative energy, motivation and optimism in the process of reaching our goals and completing our tasks.
6. “It seems to me that …”
If you want participation in discussions from your team, this phrase or even starting with “Perhaps …” turns your statements into further dialogue.
7. “Please help me understand.”
When you want more clarity, or even to diffuse a tense conversation, you might use this phrase or, “If that is so, then how will you benefit?
8. “I hope you’ve had a good start to your day.”
A smile or a pleasant “Good Morning” and this phrase are quick affirmations of a positive form of communication and its brilliant to display where the working environment feels like a team.
9. “Reading any new books?”
This is more personal than “How are you?” since it tells others that their lives matter or asking about their kids.
10. “Good Night!”
With sincerity, compassion, respect, and kindness, this phrase mirrors how we interact in our homes.

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