Nothing in Life Comes Easy

I love John Maxwell’s Minute With Maxwell where he talks about the fact that nothing in life worthwhile comes easy. He quotes Margaret Thatcher who said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”
When you have a crisis, it challenges your tenacity and your perseverance.
We are definitely going through such a crisis worldwide at this time. This pandemic is certainly testing all of our tenacity and perseverance.
Maxwell says that nothing in life worthwhile comes easy. If it is easy it probably is a scam.
I can certainly vouch for that. My most worthwhile experiences and accomplishments have been due to hard work and tenacity and perseverance. However, what a beautiful feeling of success it has been each time I have experienced the result of such hard work. So, the moral of this lesson is that nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. Stick to it, persevere! The final result is well worth it!

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