Look for the Big Picture

John Maxwell challenges you to look for the “Big Picture “ daily. He says we’ll grow into what we see. 5 strategies that may help you see the big picture daily are as follows:

1. Allocate time to thinking
Choose a time when you feel most creative.
2. Get a buddy
Personally I like working with a team or teammates. If that’s not possible, use the computer or a journal. Ask yourself big questions about your dreams, your passion and write down your answers.
3. Pick specific goals daily.
E.g. “Who could value from my mentorship?
4. Identify actionable first steps.
Write a list of people or companies who want mentors.
Identify goals for such people.
5. Generate ideas.
What is your most ambitious thinking outside of your comfort zone?
What will the world look like when your goal is manifested?

I think educators could benefit from this exercise as well, changing the questions about students and challenges they struggle with.

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