Living Bravely

I just finished watching an interview between Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey on Living Bravely. What an inspiring, insightful video these two women had. One thought that Brown stated is, “You have to earn the right to share my story.” If you have at least one person who can hear your story and empathize sincerely, you are very fortunate. If you have more than one such person in your life, you are blessed. To live bravely, you must be willing to disappoint others. Oprah said, “People who are rooting for your rise will not be disappointed.” You will know who your true friends are when you rise and they congratulate you for your rise. They also spoke about the challenges of being a strong vulnerable woman in this world. You must live bravely if you want to rise as a strong woman in our society. However, with the right supports, the strong circle of colleagues and friends and family, you can rise by living bravely! I challenge you to “Live Bravely.”

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