Kindness Is Miraculous

Maxwell’s word of the day is “Kindness.” We teach our children and students to be “Kind to others.” We use the word, “Respect,” but that is an adult word. I believe the best way to teach “Kindness” is to model it and live it genuinely. Whenever you ask anyone how they want to be treated, they invariably say “Kindly.” However, if you read the newspaper and/or watch the news, our society is filled with unkind behavior. Therefore, I believe that’s all the more reason to be “Kind” to others every day. Wayne Dyer said that an act of kindness received, given and observed increases the Seratonin in your brain. I believe it also increases the chances of the receiver, giver and observer to mirror that behavior. I hope you have a day of “Kindness” today! Peace!

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