Keys To Successful Leadership

Once more, Simon Sinek posted a great summary of what the keys are to successful leadership on YouTube.
He outlines the following 8 keys to success:
1. Courage – All effective leaders must have courage to do the right thing. Courage comes from the support of others. Someone has your back.
2. Goals – Your goals must be tangible. A corporate vision must be visible and tangible.
3. Responsible – Leaders must be responsible for the people who are doing their job.
4. Dates – The dates are their targets but dates can be adjusted to suit the project.
5. Practice Daily – Daily monotonous practice is what matters. The accumulation of Doing little things, which by themselves mean nothing. But daily practice brings long range success.
6. Listen – The test of a good leader is that when you ask someone how their day has been, you actually care about their answer and listen.
7. You Don’t Know – A leader must be able to say, “I don’t know. I need help.” To say these words will help the people feel empowered.
8. Care about the people – It’s not about us. It’s how can I help somebody I care about to love their job? The people are who matter to the leader.

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