5 Rules To Improve Your Leadership

Once more, Simon Sinek speaks brilliantly about the 5 rules that leaders need to remember to become great leaders.
1. You can’t get in the way of someone who wants to get it.
Sinek told the story of him wanting a bagel and his friend only saw a long line they would have to wait to get the bagel. Sinek kept arguing about wanting a bagel and finally just reached in and grabbed two bagels without waiting in line.
2. Sometimes you’re the problem.
This story was about the doctors who couldn’t understand why the mothers died after delivering babies. One researcher pointed out that the doctors were the problem. But, they didn’t believe him until 30 years later, that they needed to wash their hands before delivering babies.
3, Take care of each other.
Sinek told the story of what characteristics were necessary for those who got into the Seals. He said the only people who got into the Seals were those who helped others to the left and right of them and who were willing to ask for help when they needed it but only got the help after they helped others.
4. Be the last to speak.
Sinek told the story of Nelson Mandela who is a world renowned leader. Mandela was asked how he became such a great leader. He said he had watched his father when he went to meetings. His father was always the last to speak. Being the last to speak does two very important things. It makes those before you feel heard and it helps you to understand what everyone else thinks.
5. Only drink from Styrofoam cups.
Sinek tells the story of someone who was treated as royalty when holding an important leadership position, being given ceramic cups of coffee, travelling first class, being greeted and honoured when in that position. However, the ceramic cup is only for the position you held. You were only ever meant to have a Styrofoam cup.

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